One fine Sunday well spent at the Metro

Greetings everyone!

So I’m back for some quite a while now but never the less, that doesn’t mean I have been just hibernating and all that self-arrest whatever you call it in your mind… ehe

To be honest, it just so happen that I have been doing a lot of things… you know, adult stuff, work to be exact but one thing I really wanted to share with you now is my recent experience last Sunday, March 19 at the Escolta-Binondo area of Metro Manila. That’s right, at the Metro…

So here’s how it all took place… A friend/fellow of mine posted on Facebook and it had something to do with her project. She was looking for some volunteers who would like to take part in her project, which is also part of her course requirements. What got my attention is that, it involved walking and it would be held at these certain spots in Manila. To be honest, I never hesitated to go with them because, for one, I really wanted to explore Metro Manila with someone who’s from Metro Manila, two, it won’t be just any walk but, it will be a walk tracing all possible [heritage] sites and to check out their architecture, history, style, form, art, you name it… three, it will be my first time to step into those areas and look around without riding any vehicle as well, so it was almost a long walk but worth it and not to mention, time did move slow a bit at those moments we were walking, chatting, and taking pictures, which by the way, I would like to share with you:

We were able to visit many sites however, we were not able to enter all. Since I mentioned, time did move slowly, well, I just have to admit that the distance we were able to cover was no joke, given the distance and the possible hazards [in the busy streets of Manila], I was totally enjoying my time because of the sites you see and some stories you get to hear as you go along (let me just clarify myself on the “stories”, I am actually referring to the stories pertaining to the sites we’ve visited) and also the chitchats/conversations along the way is included. Other than that, although this was considered a tour, it was not the usual tour that you just get to go to a place and that’s just it. It was a tour with a purpose (aside from it’s a friend’s project). Other than that, given the reputation of Metro Manila to those from the provinces or who do not live in it for a long time [I included.], to be honest I really feel unsafe to the streets of it, of course, just to build up its reputation, there were lots of reports and cases that involved so many atrocities on its streets. But last Sunday’s walk gave me a much more broad sense of Metro Manila’s big picture. Yes, there may be some delinquent presence that awaits and may just pop out anytime but, that notion was overshadowed by the sites and [other] history that was introduced to me by that walk, and from there, I was able to appreciate Metro Manila much more [Although I still am in loved with my hometown… but at least, Metro Manila has trains… right?] and luckily, our tour went on smoothly, and on my end, it was actually a relief that there were no signs of trouble because, my DSLR camera was exposed most of the time, plus, I have a tendency to obviously appear as someone who is not a local of Manila and not to mention that, the company I also had were angels… I mean they were all nice and approachable, not to mention one is from the same province I came from [Kabalen!] it’s very nice to meet new friends and be reunited with your fellows indeed.

Well, we may not have gotten some great deals or finds since the tour was not a shopping tour but, we were able to gain more understanding and appreciation of the Old Metro Manila through its history and art, art in the old structures and how that became of good use back then… If I were to be offered the same tour, I would love to take part again and even, maybe in the future, hopefully there could be other areas to be covered as well.

I guess that would be all for now, I’ll just have to get back to you on my next post… Thanks for making time in reading this! #DontHate #JustSaying 🙂


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